Friday, August 27, 2010


I read back a long time ago post that i wanted to post on BLOG but i didn't get a chance to then i forgotten about it...
it reminds me the first time someone gave me a chance to audition for the I-Metro Cheer thingy...
it was that one chance that make me fall in love with Cheerleading
teacher the seniors and coach gave me a chance to join...
taught me a lesson .. i was the type of person that will always say "NO before i even try anything as long as i think its hard i won't even think about trying " but they told me one phrase i will remember forever " IN CHEERLEADING THERE IS NO SUCH THING CALL NO!"
from that day onwards , i try my best to cope up with everything and i still remember my jumps back then it was awful i think they minus some of our marks cause of my ugly jump. seriously its freaking embarrassing i feel like hiding ! i still remember i only get like 1 week of training then i have to go for the competition i was really stressed out , scared and i was freaking out cause i hurt my leg muscle ( RESULT OF NOT WARMING UP PROPERLY BEFORE LONG HOUR TRAINING) 3 days before that comp my leg was hurting like nuts i can't even kneel down my muscles hurt like hell ..
i was so worried i ask everyone if i am going to be ok they just went like just rest more and put some ice on it , it will be okay...
and i remember that time i was still with reek and i was still hoping he would come and see me during comp but he didn't oh well! Thank you for giving me the chance to build up this interest and thank you for giving me a chance to really experience what is Cheerleading and the feeling of stepping into the mat.


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