Monday, August 16, 2010

Since you've Been Gone

i don't know but somehow i felt like you were busy with your life that you start to forget about me...
its just like i am an extra trouble for you.

i don't know why but yet i feel so bad...
Cut the sober crap
DATE :21 December 2010 our school is having a
Prom night theme : Hollywood and Fame
Price : RM100 at Melia Hotel , Kuala Lumpur

beside that last friday i went for my best friends sweet 16 birthday BASH at RED BOX LOW YAT
it was fun ;D
here are some crazy posing pictures

I Wore a Black polka dot short top with a high waist Hot pink pants i find it super vintage and it makes short people look like they have long legs ;D

Leo Joint Installation 15/8/10

-signing off -

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