Wednesday, August 18, 2010


its 18/8/2010
i was ironing the clothes when i suddenly heard a loud sound like a TEXTBOOK dropping down on the floor and i heard Hazels cry i quickly ran down and she ran under the table and hide.
everyone was shock (everyone that is at downstairs) i ask what happen they say she fell from the second floor on the stairs and ran under the table...
i quickly carry hazel up my hands were shivering and my Aunt went like " MY GOD! SHE FELL DOWN SO LOUD THE NOISE QUICKLY SEND HER TO THE HOSPITAL LATER SHE GOT INTERNAL BLEEDING" as if i was not scared enough she add on"MY FRIENDS DOG ALSO SAME FELL DOWN FROM THE SECOND FLOOR AND LOOK LIKE IT IS OK BUT 3 DAYS LATER IT DIED!" i just went like can you quit making me feel like dying at that point i didn't know what to do i shout at my mom i told her to bring hazel to the hospital immediately i carry hazel up i put some of the medication on her legs hands head backbone stomach i just put the medication oil and i was worry she has broken bones so i took out her favorite biscuit treat and i shake the plastic bottle she looked at me and ran to me i took out one and let her eat she was chasing after the biscuit so i assume she got no broken legs or hands
but we fear of INTERNAL BLEEDING it was raining heavily at it happen about 9 something we rush her to the PET HOSPITAL NEAR LEISURE MALL, Cheras they say that the hospital opens 24hours when we reach thr we press the emergency alarm no one answer i was crying outside of the door i shouted'ANYONE THR PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE!!!' my brother dialed the number and finally someone answer the first thing they say was NOW ITS EMERGENCY HOUR SO THEY WILL BE EXTRA PAYMENT brother just went like MONEY IS NOT A PROBLEM PLEASE CALL THE DOCTOR HERE NOW!i told my mom i don't care how much i need to pay i just want to make sure nothing is wrong with Hazel .finally after banging the gate and pressing the door bell for more than 10min someone came out and let us in
we waited for the doctor to come for about 30min or more than that i was crying i look at hazel she was crying too her face is wet i was so worried sick when the doctor came , he check hazel and said that she got no broken bones but X-ray is needed.
we waited outside the X-ray room for about 10min i was so impatient i went into the X-ray room and they took the hard drive to the computer room at the other room i follow them in. The doctor don't even know how to function that thing and wasted about 20min trying to figure out how to use that damn NEW MACHINE i keep asking the doctor is Hazel going to be alright he said we have to see the X-ray.
then finally he said that he needs to make another X-ray and use the old printer because he don't know how to function the new machine i wait and wait ... so worried i say GOD PLEASE PLEASE NOW I JUST HOPE THAT NOTHING IS WRONG WITH HAZEL I HOPE THAT YOU WILL HELP HER.
finally the X-ray sheets are out and they said thr is nothing wrong but the doctor fear that the bladder might be hurt by the impact of the fall so they need to do an ULTRA-SOUND i was walking in and out of the room and hoping that nothing is wrong i keep asking the doctor if hazel is going to be ok and finally the ultra-sound results are out THR IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR DOG DON'T WORRY SHE IS JUST A LITTLE SHOCK MAKE SURE YOU OBSERVE IF SHE PASS MOTION , EAT AND STUFF LIKE THAT . SHE IS OK JUST MAKE SURE SHE GETS LOTS OF REST AND CHECK ON HER IF SHE PEE BLOOD BRING HER BACK TO THE HOSPITAL MAYBE THR IS INFLAMMATION AND WE WILL GIVE HER SOME MEDICATION NOT TO WORRY.
Finally PHEWWWW THANK YOU GOD immediately i carry her back home and i put her to sleep . by the time we all settle down its about 12 something 1 we were so tired but i know that i have to take care of her i set 3 alarms in the middle of the night to wake up and check on her.
bout 5 o clock in the morning she woke up i saw her and i quickly ran towards her . next to here was a newspaper with pee. no blood =) i told my mom and we wake up . she started running around again we played with her for awhile i put her on the bed and she keep biting my hair haha =D i was happy she wasn't in that much pain.but still i put some traditional medication oil on the body in case thr is any pain it will be better. we fed her some biscuits after eating she ran around then she got tired as usual then we put her back to bed. today 19/8/2010 she is ok and running around like a happy Hazel nut!
me and my mom decided to do something about the stairs cause hazel always has a habit of walking at the edge she might have slipped down yesterday and i suggested my mom to screw in some woods so that she can never see the bottom of the stairs and its much safer. and at the handle of the stairs too so she can learn to use the stairs and walk up and down without us worrying she might take a fall again.
from today onwards she will be treated like a baby.

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