Thursday, September 2, 2010

you were too fly

i am not a hotel where you can check in and check out ... you don't check in and out your love to me i don't buy it
i don't buy sweet talk i don't buy any shit!
okay i am sick of suffering in pain
i feel like what you say made me feel like my bones and dislocating my heart hurts but then u told me to suck it up
i think about it now yeah i'll suck it up!
i'll just have fun with my life before i get older
i talk to Justin =) he is so sweet!
yeah i mean like duhhh we are all 16 we should have fun! before all our loves become conditional love ... love we give when we are young are call pure love but when we get older everything changes you have to think about money love family and shits!
i just notice that when you have a partner A.k.A BOYFRIEND! you actually tend to forget about your dear lovely best friends!
Every conversation with your best friend will start of like this:
A :" Heyy =)"
B :" yeah ?"
A :" How are things going between you and him?"
A :"i think u better be going if not later he jealous ar!"
B :"ok , bye"
A :"bye tty NEXT ROUND "
what happen to all the jokes the funny moments you spend together with your friends the freaking long conversations talking on the phone for hours about what you should wear and planning a party at someones house , going out 24/7 , checking out some hot guys or girls , planning to make some prank calls?
what happen jeez i really don't know
those days when we haven't fall in love with some boys! we used to hang out do everything together and we used to love our friends so much we couldn't stop sticking with them!

Will be continued...
-signing off-
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