Thursday, September 23, 2010

Buzzle Bee 23/9/2010

Pressure is on , Stress is on
yesterday was a not so fun lantern festival because only me and my cousin Ashley 2 people playing candles!!! making shapes out of it ;D

Today its a whole new day can't really wake up today morning too tired i didn't want to go to school but then my mom scolded me so i ended up going to school with the PANDA EYES . Was so tired but first 2 period did some revision on the Maths Statistics with Chang Zhao . then English class... Gosh i can tell that teacher is not just PISSED!she is way beyond that! she screamed at ANDY for laughing at her well it wasn't really Andy's fault i mean he didn't say that "TEACHER IS JEALOUS BECAUSE SHE CAN'T MAKE JOSIAHS NEW HAIRSTYLE * spicky thats why and he is a prefect * But then she scream at Andy like this
Andy : " still acting like nothing happen "
Teacher : "GET OUT!!!!!"
then Andy walked out of the class .
CUT that damn crap!
I just feel like all these homework , revision , folio , experiments , not enough sleep and coffee driving me up the walls
today it was exhausting! i went back home i totally don't understand physics gas law i was panicking i was stressed out because i still got Komsas folio , Moral folio , English oral to type out , BM Lisan to type out and Re-do ...
then i studied it for awhile quitely then i understand already... i went to sleep and text him ;)
then woke up go for tuition before that i drank a cup of coffee because if i don't i am scared i will fall asleep! but didn't really work i end up getting hungry headache and sleepy in class but still i got focus lar!!! DUHHH!!
i miss him... sighs counting the days ...
Trials is next week good luck you can do it!!! i believe in you =)

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