Friday, October 1, 2010

Too Young

Everyone has a magical box in life
Its always filled with different unexpected things
Candies , Chocolates , Books , love the worst thing is Hurt
you find a way to hide from all the pain
you find a way to run away from your problems
you give yourself a million reasons not to face it
finding someone special in your life is hard
you probably won't find the right guy
so you just have to understand that as long as spending your time with the person you love even if it doesn't last every precious moment is worth it
all the memories all the pictures you taken every bit of it makes you think back about the past and smile
if you really love someone and you didn't have a chance to tell them get the courage to say it tell them how you feel even if you know the answer is no
at least you wouldn't regret sit down in the corner in the future asking god why didn't you make that stupid move...
just tell them how you feel if you can't get them out of your mind
cherish every moment being with them because you can't see what god brings to you in the future it might be good might be bad
but everyone has their ups and downs
accept what you are having now because happiness is like a dogs tail you try so hard just trying to find it and do everything to get it but you forget that its always with you
what you are having now gives you happiness
study hard , care about others , give others a smile cause it might mean a lot to them , lend a helping hand to those that needs it , hug those you love tightly and never let go <3
if you never have what you wanted in life you will want to give others what you can't have and make sure that they don't follow your foot steps :)
i am not afraid to say I MISS YOU

-signing out-
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