Thursday, October 7, 2010

perfect nightmare ♥

a tale
you always say that you want someone so badly and you always say that you love them you tell them repeatedly that you will one day prove to them but after all the waiting and all the hurt and pain they start to turn back and ask their own if they really love you and if they really think you are worth it
at last they don't think that you are worth it and they just got so sick and tired they leave you with a smile and laugh out loud ..
the end-

you are really funny =) i miss you

we were talking about you taking your driving lesson and asking you to speed and check out if the uncle's hair is fake or real its so funny its like every time i talk to you i always laugh and smile even when i see you i can't control my smile it just burst out like that

and you really speed during the driving class and you tell me " the uncle's hair is real de " i keep thinking back and i laugh non stop gosh haha
now i think back if that day i never attend the camp i wouldn't know who is he and if he don't comment on my post , we won't even be friends its just so weird haha
but i am lucky that i met you

you make me realize happiness and joy is what i already have

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