Sunday, October 10, 2010

12am Perfect 10 ♥

you ask me to wait until 12 and online i ask myself what is wrong with this guy?? he is so funny ask me to only at 12 sharp for a few minutes only i just went like okay nvm i'll wait and see =) although my eyes felt like dying .. ..
but yesterday i was very happy because you are willing to change your number to a maxis number just to make me happy
you are really funny we skype 2 days ago and you kept making me laugh hearing your voice makes me smile and i really had fun!
i can't wait for the holidays and i really want to see you so much ... ...
ok cut that crap i was talking about the 12 am thingy! jeezy
i went online i just wait no one find me on msn so i thought maybe he is away or something then suddenly he came and say
he :" you read the msg adi or not?"
me:" what msg?! no wor wait wait i go and read sin"
*i read the text its really nice aww*
you purposely wait for 10 10 10 and he told me i love you i want you to be my boo i keep smiling and laughing i am so happy i didn't really expect that although its not like those face to face suddenly that guy just give u a bunch of roses and tell you they love you but its still really nice and sweet...
sometimes when you really let go of all your worries and your doubts you feel happier and lighter ♥
i love you too ♥
after that i can't really sleep gosh my eyes were wide open! teeheee

-signing out-
0 Crystalbebe 0 ♥ you boo

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