Sunday, October 3, 2010

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Today had fun with my little cousins =)
we took lots of funny cute crazy pictures
its been a long time since we ever spend real quality time together <3
cause everytime they are here its always TV , Laptop , being a POTATO on the COUCH , Whinning about how boring it is...But today was a real freaky blast!

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We are the monkeys XYNN and Crystal =)
but i bet you miss out all the fun we had!
trying to act cool aye! we are 100% cooler than you cause we look like superb Slusshy Freeakkksssss

-signing out-
0 Crystalbebe 0
i miss you =) everything you said and say means a lot to me i remember what you say i remember what i say
being happy in every step we go , we run , we cry , we sing , we miss thats enough i don't need anything else i just want happiness love care i just want to be me and you are letting me be me =)
Meaningful words

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