Friday, October 22, 2010

Cells going WILD

Okayyy lets set this straight!
I NEVER CHANGE!!! although i try changing my looks but doesn't work ;) only thing that changed in me is my HEART and my style!
you say that i change but honestly what did i change?
hmmmm probably cause we can't really talk without arguing so u think i change but i am still that retarded crazy party funny nerd freak that likes to talk non-stop and can't live a day without FOOD
i like having fun with my friends talking about being a actress in bollywood running few mountains with my bare foot and washing dishes in hollywood being famous for it!! i know u probably think this is weird stupid and boring!
but we let our creative cell go wild and have fun in different ways! =)
oh yeah yeah!!! the only thing that i change is probably i ain't that childish i guesss!!!! XD
i know how to think THIS mature

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