Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pieces of the glasses

sitting in the class after seeing your messages i can hear my heart crushing into pieces
its like my lungs are falling in and my bones are crushing
its hurting so much...
each day feels like the picture of you is fading...
its like watching you go through my finger tips bit by bit
watching you leave wasn't easy
watching you go by just like that
i thought that i was going to be okay without you but then my eye sight is bluring again tears roll down my cheek
what happen? how did it all ended up like this? everything is like a broken piano that wasn't going to play the correct tune again
i miss the way you hug me so tightly
i miss the way you kiss my cheeks
i miss the way you hold my hand and we walk down the street
miss the times where you would care about me more ... ...
i just miss you
everytime when you get mad and throw your temper at me i would just look back and say what have i done? wha-t-t-t did i say something wrong
i feel like crying
i am serious i feel like i don't know what to do ! its like there is something in my throat its hurting me so much
you try to find the answer and you always search for what you want but they just don't seem to get it... ...

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