Friday, September 17, 2010

something missing

Come on! don't tell me you don't feel that way too
i mean having the excitement of walking out of the class seeing the person you love waiting for you ...
wanting to walk to the lrt station with someone beside you
you know going for short walks with em holding your hand saying lame jokes laughing your heart out
missing them giving you kisses on your cheek ...
missing them argueing with you about jealousy
missing having fights with them
miss those times where you and him just go out alone
miss those times where he puts his arm around you
miss those times where you both run around the whole place like mad people
making small cards for them
just looking at those couple doing the things you and him used to do you feel like " GOSH how did i end up ALONE AGAIN?" so stupid so sick and tired of everything
then after breaking up you keep staring at your phone and telling yourself " WHY ISN'T THIS STUPID PHONE VIBRATING?!!! SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG WITH THE LINE OR THE PHONE " but actually the loneliness and the silence is the one killing you slowly and you felt lost with no directions
Then there is when your Friends come in laugh at your lame jokes talk to you all the time help you kill all the sadness
go out for parties
talk to them everyday fall in love with them and it goes on and on and on...
the circle never stops...

-signing out-
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