Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What if ♥

i am obsessed with Jason Derulo-What if...
its just so true =D
i don't know what tomorrow brings but i just hope that you are in it...
and i finally feel that if people don't appreciate you so why should you even bother and appreciate them
if they don't give a shit about you why not just turn back and walk away
its just so sad when you care about that person so much and they don't care about you
they tell you they care about you but you don't feel it
they just have to know better and treat you right if not SORRY DUDE U ARE OFF =)
turn around just smile hold back ur tears grip your hands tight
just be happy with the people around you at least they laugh at all your lame jokes
they are the people that will listen to you talk about something all the time and not just keep silence!!!
i just hope all these happy moments never end =)
cause its just the begining of a new chapter ... and i really didn't want it to end that fast ♥

-signing off-
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