Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lantern Festival 18/9/2010 ♥

Tuition start at 830am and unfortunately i couldn't wake up and Jean went into my room and say "CRYSTAL WHY ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING! NOW 830 ADI! OMG YOU NEVER REPLY MY MSG I THOUGHT YOU WENT OFF WITHOUT ME " i went like " SHITTT!!!!!! AHHHHHHH * PANIC* sorry i over slept adi !!! cannot wake up i woke up 3 times yesterday 3something one time 5something one time 730 one time cause of HAZEL @___@ "
well we arrive at tuition almost 40min late and teacher went like saying
Cikgu: " errr next wed or thursday you all free for classes?"
crystal:*saying in my heart* shit!teacher want us to change class time ar cause we always late omg omg omg!!!!
Jean and me: ERRRR i think we all thursday boleh datang lar cikgu
Cikgu:" oh ok kerana saya next saturday ade khursus so replacement "
Crystal : * thinking * PHEWWWWWW.... that was a close one!!!! =D
then Kasturi.... time pass so slow.... i was freaking out in class i kept asking jean omg do i look fat today ?! do i look short is my hair flat is my face too red?!!! OMG OMG
what happens if later He sees me and he runs away omg!!!!
Jean and wei yee went like AIYA! won't one lar! don't worry lar ....
walking to VI FINALLY!!!!! HArlehhluyahhhh!
on the way i still wouldn't quit asking the questions about my hair my clothes do i look fat and i was panicking i went like oh goshhhhh what if later he saw me and he didn't want to talk to me ... i just felt my heart beating like crazy and my face is turning so red when we are walking into the school...
when we reach inside the carnival thr i went like looking around thinking AYE?! he is not there =( mood change....
then we went to ghost house gosh the ghost house was a long crawl and dark can't see anything but ok lar =) good job lar....
then finally!!! me and jean we saw him... well we saw the back of him i just went like OMG THATS HIM!!!! Ahhhhh so cute =D i was like omg omg omg so scared and excited....
i didn't go to him and talk to him cause i was too CHICKEN * COWARD * >0<
so i just went like sighs forget about it lar... ppl also never see me... nvm lar we go play DARTS =D ahahaha rm 2 for 5 darts i didn't even get 1 on the balloon
* ACTUALLY i saw him at the stall behind us but my back was facing him and his back was facing me so i didn't thought he can recognize me *
suddenly a hand cover my eyes smells like powder lols!!!! then i look back omg its him!!!!! i just went like SNAPP OMGGGGG... then he stand beside his friend while i continue playing darts well that was an embarrassing moment lols >0<'' but i was so happy!!!! i kept smiling lols although i try to act like nothing is wrong and everything is cool but i can't!!! OMG OMG OMG thats how i feel!!!!i feel so happy my heart beating so fast
then we all talk lar for the first time!!!!! ahahaha omg he is so cute =D
time past so fast then he and miow walk me and jean til the school gate lols the lanterns were nice they put a dim light on the sidewalks of the road =) but road is too dark can't see that well lols thank god i never fall flat on my face
teeheee <3 <3 happy day =) heeeheeee hmmm.... don't know how long long long more only can see him again probably a long time from now.... =/

-signing off-
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