Thursday, June 2, 2011


you think you are as cold as stone
you freeze your heart up covering your true self with an ice-cold mask
giving everyone a feeling that you are not easy to get along with
you think you are not a caring person
but little did you know , your actions stood out from who you think you are
you would hold my hand and keep my hand warm even though your hands are freezing cold...
you would make sure that i am okay , you would slow down your steps and make sure you don't walk too fast because i have short legs and i walk slow
you don't mind if i look like i just got up from bed and my face is dreadful
although you sound like you don't care about anything but i know that you care for me
you might not be the sweetest guy i've ever met , you might not have skills to even sweet talk and make a girl happy but thats what made you special
because sometimes the words that are really sweet that you really meant from the bottom of your heart are so precious and i wouldn't mind saving it up until my phone memory goes BOOM and my little diary are filled with all those sweet words you said =)
i love the way you smile , you laugh , you insult people with your jokes , the way you walk , they way you talk , the way you treat others
because you are the only guy that made me smile non-stop when i am with you .. i just wanna hug you and be in your arms because i feel so safe and i just love it when our hands are intertwine

-signing out-
0 Crystalbebe 0
my love don't cost a thing baby and it's just you that i want

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