Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Being a leader is not easy , it might look GLAMOROUS and you might feel the POWER but there is one problem being a leader means leading a group of people and trying to make them happy and at the same time making them listen to you.
You might not be able to please everyone in the team but you have got to bare with all the drama.
When something goes wrong , the leader is the one that is gonna be the shield and she/he is gonna be the first to raise their hands up and take the blame...You try to please and solve one person's problem but it might cause another person to be unhappy.
Sometimes its just best to stand out and talk everything out even if it might cause a bitch fight or a cat fight just say it out. Make your point clear and make sure that after that everyone shake hands , solve it and proceed.
I seriously don't need drama i rather say sorry and just accept it. I've come this far everyone in this team got bruises everywhere come to training almost everyday i don't want people to remember us because we have the worst shits i want people to turn their necks and drop their JAWS and go like OMFG AM I DREAMING THESE GIRLS GOT GAME AND NO SHIT THEY ARE BACK WE'VE GOT TO WATCH OUT ASS!
Everyone is eager to win and the real politics principle have been applied during this journey... We Will Do Anything To Get To The Top!
Here i say sorry if i've posted anything that affected your feelings but when we step into training i want everyone to throw their emotions away and just give all out during training time.

Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who will be affected by it
-Marian Anderson-

i'm not perfect, but at least i try to be perfect so that i make people believe in me that i can make them WIN With GLORY and LOSE WITH PRIDE.

-Signing out-
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i'm not making any statements about anyone this is just a post about what i feel i hope no one will feel that i am trying to talk bad about them or anything we are a team and you are part of my family. Family members argue once in awhile and thats normal but at the end of the day , family will stay as family everyone will love each other and give all out <3
i might not have shown any sacrifice yet for the team but i will do anything to push everyone to the limit and make everyone the best in the team even if it means getting a bunch of haters behind of me.

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