Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tutti Fruity Girls Night Out ;)

Tutti Fuity @ Bangsar Shopping Mall
Photographer : Crystalbebe , Ash-ley , Soo Jean , Soo Xynn (obviously we take turns lar ! we didn't become the photographer at the same time! =3=)
Time: Night time ;)

All of us @ Tutti Fruity. Photographer no one! XD

Crystalbebe@ Ming Room. Photographer:Soo Xynn
Mmmmmm NomNomNom Yummyyy ;) Cousins!

I had original + Dark Chocolate ice cream plus Gummy Bear + smarties + Chocolate Chips +Strawberries. Guess how much it cost!? RM15 T___T Gone with my money buhuuhu. Photographer : Xynn (Nice shot Credits!!!)

You know how to love to pout ;)always thought i have lips like Angelina Jolie but attempt Failed!I think i look like a WEIRDO gosh my eyes so tinyy! Photographer : Soo Jean

Ash Ash-ley! you always call yourself fat! when you are not even close to chubby =3=
Told you i won't take a "FAT" picture of you ;) see you look so pretty!!!!
Photographer :Crystalbebe

Hahahahaha .Photographer:Crystalbebe
XD i love taking pictures of myself it makes me feel confident! Jokessss XD

-signing out-
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trying out some new looks to make my blog pretty! hope you enjoy!

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