Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Child Abuse

Everyday when we flip through newspapers , we tend to see a few cases of child abuse. Why is this happening ? WHAT HAS GONE WRONG WITH THIS WORLD?! These kids are innocent , why do you have to hurt them * Well of course sometimes they might be a little annoying ! especially when they start to talk non-stop and use their pester power* But its not an excuse to beat them up or torture them in any way mentally or physically.
Do you know that if you abuse a child , they have 90% higher chances to get trauma and become very rebellious ? They will turn become very violent and very aggressive that's probably because they want to protect themselves.
But here's another thing you must figure out WHY do parents abuse their children? Why? Most of the child's that have been abused by their parents come from a broken family.

They usually tell their friends , their mom/father are psychopaths. For EXAMPLE , if your mother always argue and fight with your father when you are young and often beat you up , there must be a reason for all the DRAMAS right?
I mean they can't be fighting over some small shit like one party didn't take out the trash or something. Children must be understanding , if your mother beat your father up there must be a bloody reason why they do that , its either your father has another mistress out there or something. If you claim that she just beat him up for no reason , then why in this world did they get together? if they were fighting for no reasons then why did they get married in the first place?Mind as well just pack their bags and say goodbye to each other.
For every action , there must be a reason.
its a simple principle , its just like you don't just go around fishing for guys if you are not desperate for love . Another example , boys don't just go around watching AMERICAN PIE if they don't have the urge to do stupid stuff * YOU GET WHAT I MEAN?? STUPID STUFF AS IN THOSE STUFF ;)*

But obviously its wrong to beat up your children even though you are having problems with your life! Its W-R-O-N-G get it?! Don't even think about it! Imagine how hard is it to walk around with that big pregnant stomach of yours and how painful is it to go through labour and how hard is it to raise a child up and try to give them the best and you just release your stress on them?! Is that worth it ? Go home think about it or better yet after reading this go to bed drink a cup of hot coffee and think about it again!

Think Twice Before You Act , because every time you make a wrong judgement or decision , a person's life is in stake and a person's future turns bleak

written by Crystalbebe
-signing out-
Speaking out for those unheard voices

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