Saturday, June 18, 2011

Public Speaking and Speaking Out

Many people don't realize that having the ability to speak out and speak fluently in English is important. Speaking out is like a BRIDGE to meeting new people , getting more opportunities , standing out from the crowd and even making people like you!

Just a pretty face is never enough! if you don't speak out and meet new people no one will discover you. But there is another thing , if you are popular and if you have a drop dead gorgeous face but you can't speak well its useless too! Beauty is not forever you might be pretty now but what about 10-20 years from now , your beauty will fade away at the end of the day , no one will want you anymore because you have no more value to them. So what you can do is to make use of your beauty to build a business , build a strong and wide connection .It's pointless to stay in that small BOX of yours because it won't get you far from where you are now. Don't follow the path , Create one and let others follow you .

I know for some people speaking out and trying to give opinions about some matters are very hard but just look into the mirror and say I CAN DO IT! gain that confidence and strength always keep a poker face * IN A FRIENDLY WAY OF COURSE* . If you have a stage fright , its normal but never ever show it out! because the moment you show it out , people know your weaknesses and they will eventually take that weakness of yours and they will Bring you down.

Everything in this world requires speaking and if you can't make your words clear no one will understand you and people will go like "WHAT? PARDON? I DON' T UNDERSTAND WHAT KIND OF LANGUAGE ARE YOU SPEAKING? and etc!"

At the end of the day , if you want something , speak out go get it! People might say action speaks louder than words but at the end of the day , words have the power to make people believe in you and also make people lose trust in you.

Express yourself and don't waste your talent!

-signing out-

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