Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cheer Nationals 2011 my experience


Being the captain of Pirates All Girls cheerleading team was a rough and hard path...
It wasn't easy to please everyone and still get things in position i bet those of you who became a leader before will understand how i feel...
as the leader you have to work harder than the others you must make sure that you know everything and you have to calm your team members down when something happen. when there are politics in the team you got to be the one that stands up for the crowd and make sure that everyone is happy.
It was never easy especially after a few failures , others tend to blame you and scold you , it was even harder because you got to swallow all the tears and say OKAY NO PROBLEM! but one thing that i leart was to fight back when someone tries their very best to attack you.
The moment came it was cheer nationals 2011... i was standing back stage with my girls. I was so excited to perform thats all i didn't feel nervous or scared!I screamed out to my girls i say :" We have came this far there are no turning back you got 1 chance! THIS IS A ONE WAY TICKET AND ALSO GOLDEN TICKET to REDEEM YOURSELF! PROVE TO THOSE THAT ONCE LOOKED DOWN ON YOU!SHOW THEM WHAT WE ARE MADE OUT OF AND MAKE EVERYONE PROUD!GO ALL OUT GIRLS!"
We Run onto the blue mat with smiles! and we just did everything all out! we got kicked during the process twist some wrist and ankles got bruises everywhere got blood dripping all over the place got sweat raining down our forehead and got tears everywhere on the floor finally we did it after all these time we have been working so hard it finally paid off! it wasn't the best but at least we did our best and we put on a great show =)

Us practicing just 1 hour before our turn

practicing with the poms =)

Our supporters!!!

Our Signature FLAG!and Mua popping out from the flag ;)

Thanks to my GREEN Supporters , you all gave us strength

and my baby boy i want to thank you for coming because you give me all the support and lite me up when i feel down , show me that i can do it and i love you so much =) Thank you for being there although i know you just came to support my team thats all!!! XD

DUH OF COURSE MY BELOVED FRIENDS , BEST FRIENDS , CLASSMATES! , Supporters from other school i love you guys!


Pirates All Girls Got BEST DRESS AGAIN!!!!!! =)
But most of all we got TOP 14 =) out of so many teams that beat us down last year , we have proven them wrong we are not weak we come back BIGGER BETTER AND STRONGER! WATCH OUT PEOPLE NEXT YEAR WE'LL BE BETTER FIGHTERS!
Thanks to my beloved Coach Badrie , BABY JANE , Cikgu Ain . Those that help me out Hayden Lim , Mark , Pojie . Thanks to my awesome girls Fatin , Isha , Shaina , Bella , Sharmilla , Tiffany , Jia Huei , Shantie , Sarah , Iman , Jenny , Sophia , Pavitra and CRYSTAL WONG( MEEEE)

You are the best creation and you are my biggest reward pirates all girls. i am proud to be your captain =)Although i nag a lot , i repeat things probably 10 times , i keep talking and talking , i get all my BM words WRONGLY!!!(AKU , SAYA , I ) XD , i scold you and spoil your mood sometimes well thats just me =) i had fun leading you and i really feel like keeping the crown can i keep it jokes XD

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