Thursday, July 21, 2011

S.O.X Hoops -16/7/2011

Whoopsiee! i forgot to update you guys the latest new about the SOX Hoops competition that was held S.O.X HOOPS 2011 at Central Conference @MABA Stadium on 16th July 2011 !
Here are some news about it!
I'm not really a big fan of basketball i always have this concept set in my mind , Basketball and football are the same they are all chasing after a ball and trying to make a hit! But i was WRONG~! =)
it was really exciting watching the teams play as they run from one part of the court to another trying to snatch the ball without fail!
The HEAT was really burning up the stadium on that day itself!

hiyaaa these basketball players are looking at the X-Box Challenge =) they look like they want to try it out! ;)
*Conversation that i have created for them*
Number 14: Eyhhh X BOX CHALLENGE! OMG!!!! i've never seen an X BOX BEFORE!!!!!

Number 13: PLEASE lar you live under a ROCK AH?!!!

Number 14:You so smart ! you know what is X BOx Meh! u see before mehh!

Number 13: Errrr yeahh ..DUH !!! X Box ma!!! WHo say i dunno! its like a box with an X On it lar!!! my house got plenty ! you can get it from the roadside! just take a marker pen and draw an X on it lar!WTH~ so dumb one a u ....

RAndom Guy:*Laughs* You guys are really stone age people! X Box is a machine to play games not a box with an X

Both number 14&13:WALKS away without saying a thing * feeling PAIISEHHHHHH Blusshhh*

This is just for laughs! =P

Here!!! this event board is near the entrance of the stairs into the stadium!

the blue chasing after the orange with the camera man in action!

orange trying to make a goal and.... ..... ....they didn't

Judges table with the MC holding the mic sitting down with that cap of his!

the black team trying out the court with their balls flying around the hoops! Ehemm i mean BASKETBALLS please don't think SENGET!!~! ;)

The REd's and the BLacks what a nice colour combination! ;)FYI they are TALL not just tall but TALL TALL!!!!

Smack Down!!!!! Hiyaaaaa

Bubu eating horrible snowflakes bestseller HOT! =.= i didn't enjoy eating that too
look at his face you already know how bad is it!
BTW!!!! 16July2011 is me and my boyfie's 3months being together!!! Teeheee =) i drag him to SOX hoops event then we walk all the way from Maba to TS kinda crazy rite? but that long walk was worth it! really miss standing beside of him... it's been 4days i never see him and i'm missing him every single minute just hoping that i can see him now and tell him how hard were my days and how much i miss having him by my

Red Velvet Cupcakes i made for him=)didn't really taste that nice but i took my resting time to bake that!!!! =')

teeheeeee ;) you're the reason for my smile =) i can ignore everyone in this world because i only want's probably foolish to say that my world revolves around you but its true! even though my world revolves a round many other stuff but still it revolves around you the most

Cousins at the event too!

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