Friday, July 1, 2011

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise that targets vulnerable people for labor and sexual exploitation, destroying lives and tearing families apart.

Its such a cruel and dirty job yet people are still doing it. They are probably mentally ill because they like to see people suffer while they get their share of the money! This must stop!Every year in fact sometimes every few months when we drive pass a toll plaza, we always see pictures of little girls missing age between 5-11.They are just young children they haven't even finish primary school they don't even have any idea how this WHOLE WORLD WORKS and LOOKS LIKE! How can people be so merciless!

Ways to stop Human Trafficking starts at home! Parents should take full responsibility of their children!
1. Do not let your Kids go out without your surveillance
2. Do not allow your kids to go out at night alone its dangerous even though that destination is just a 5minutes walk
3. Be aware of people in your surroundings
4. If you suspect anyone that is involve in human trafficking please do not be afraid to report it to the police! because small actions you take make a big difference

And Do You Know That:

Women and children are also captured, forced into prostitution, and killed. According to US State Department estimates, more than 20,000 people are trafficked into the U.S. each year—mainly destined for the sex trade.

Some of them are send to other countries to become a beggar . They even amputate their arms or legs and make them beg for money . Some of them are even brutally beaten up .They are not given the rights as a human and they weren't given a chance to be treated like a normal human!

Remember what goes around comes around Karma Will One Day Come and Bite You In The Ass if you treat people like that.Lets STOP human trafficking NOW!

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