Sunday, July 10, 2011


Ever heard of a Transformer quiz before?
Here are some that you can ask your friends! since its the TRANSFORMER
1.What is transformer's job?
Answer:Transmission!(Wondering why?! its because of the word mission=JOB)
2.What is transformer's sister?
3.What is transformer's parents?
Answer: Transparent ;)
Done with the joke well i wanna introduce you Transformer 3 Dark of the Moon its really thrilling and AWESOME!

The part where all the auto bots fight with the decepticons its really EPIC and AWESOME! One thing good about this movie is that you don't have to worry that the story line is draggy and boring!
its not! the ACTION NEVER STOPS that 2 hours and 32 minutes pass just like that!
It was a miracle because i never watch transformer 1 and 2 but i still can understand transformer 3! =) I have to admit that what i thought during the past is wrong i always thought transformer is about "METAL BOX FIGHTING VERY LAMEEEEEE" but then i take my words back its awesome second best to "FAST AND FURIOUS 5" ♥

i went with Shaina and Fatin my cheer girls =) we had Snowflakes before we went into the cinema!

muaaaaa with my nude make up and grey tops!!! =)

Flash is on so i look TANN

i just wanna show the make up =) the eye shadow pallets are from Majolica
ok maybe its not that clear but oh well!!! i did apply make up ;)

-Signing out-
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