Thursday, July 14, 2011


What makes a cheer routine so attractive until the extend it can make everyone in the stadium stand up and jump around as if they are in LADY GAGA's CONCERT?
Main thing is the song! An Awesome music makes the routine so much better and so much closer to a WINNER!
you can always get awesome songs from
There are professional songs makers! They have the best songs =) i love Ultravoilet-Brainwash songs the most! but obviously you have to pay the price to buy the best song!
Second thing is Partner Stuns =) If you have a high difficulty partner stunt and you are able to execute it nicely , you will not just wow the crowd but the judges too =)

Of course we can't forget about the Basket tosses! If you can toss your flyer until she can almost see everyone in the stadium well done! your toss is more than just high but VERY HIGH! and the flyers have to make sure they snap and do what she is suppose to do properly so the toss will look extra powerful!

Pyramid , it carries the most marks in a competition ,because you need to have the skills , techniques and the ability to stand the pain and not let your flyer fall.
Clean and nicely executed stunt is the best =)

BOOM BOOM POW? BEP ever heard of that song?! DANCE is one of those killer shots you can give everyone and make them go high!

"DRESS TO IMPRESS"-this quote is true! if you have a killer outfit and gorgeous make up , it makes you stand out of the crowd more and have more confident =)

Peace out baybehh!
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i'm proud to be a chinese and still love my other race friends =)
PS : FYI! There is gonna be a basketball competition at MABA near CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL this SATURDAY 16July2011 =) it starts from 9am-4pm! SEE YOUR THERE! This Competition is sponsored by SOX HOOPS!
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  1. Your squad looks like a ton of fun. Have you guys used any of the cheerleading mixes ? My squad just started to use them and it's been fun to add them in with our other routines.