Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Life is so unpredictable sometimes you look at someone and they just look perfectly healthy and happy but the next moment you see them , they are already gone...
Cancer has affected more than a million people worldwide and have took away a lot of lives.It don't just affects old people but even babies can get cancer... its something that is out of the control of man kinds .
Sometimes i just feel that the world is unfair, i went to piano class today and my teacher told me that her student a form3 student got Lymph cancer.She is just a 15 year old teenager that never even get to sit for her PMR and she needs to bare with the pain of chemotherapy.She have to cancel her piano classes to go for chemotherapy but she has that will power and she didn't wanna give up piano classes. She asked her mother to call up my teacher to go on with the class. I really salute her strength to continue living her life positively! Most of the people would have crumple into pieces and lock themselves up.

During the dark times they need a lot of support , strength to face their therapy , face the fact that their hair is going to fall off slowly , facing the fact that they are gonna meet the grim reaper , facing the fact that they are going to leave this world filled with people they love , people they know its certainly not easy...
But there is always hope no matter where you go , belive in miracles people say that if you get cancer , you will die sooner or later but look at the bright side! There are a lot of cancer survivors that lived til today thats because they didn't give up and they don't want to die! they don't want to surrender to fate. LOVE MAKES MIRACLES , Love makes you feel that there is a point to fight all the pain and sorrow...because of love people tend to be stronger than they use to and face life more positively than before.


breast cancer awareness

i find this video very touching it really meant a lot =)
PINK! Is the NEW BLACK .MBSSKL's IU day was certainly one unforgettable one! For those of you that didn't know , they choose PINK as their theme because they are in association with Pride Foundation.A Portion of their earnings will go into the foundation to help breast cancer patients =)
I really have to give a round of applause to the boys! They put on a great show on 29th of July2011 at the HGH Convention Centre at SENTUL.

love my baby boy!

the girls!

cousins <3

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