Sunday, August 7, 2011

S.O.X Hoops Finals

Last Saturday , 6th of July 2011 , i attended the SOX Hoops competition 2011 at Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort =)
Me and my cousin Ashley went there together =) to be honest the basketball court

thingy was quite stuffy due to the hot weather and that place is quite deserted so its hard to find food T__T
You know me! i am always thinking about food food food!!!
but here ya go! SOME REAL ACTION PEEPS!

the time arrangements and stuff =)

the whites are trying out the hoops
he goes *Testing Testing is the hoop moving or WHAT*

the two teams waiting for the results did the ball go IN or OUT?!

This DNA dude is showing his awesome HIGH JUMP MOVES YEAHHH =) so Macho!

The orange is trying to make a move and avoid the reds! Did they make it to the hoops? look at number 7 he is trying to calculate some physics and add some chemistry in it to estimate if orange makes it or not!

looks like these boys are trying to kill that dude that is holding the ball with their killer eyes and ballet Pier ( NOTE:PLEASE CLICK ON THE ABOVE PICTURE TO ZOOM IN AND LOOK CAREFULLY FOR THAT BALLET PIER MOVE ITS EPIC AND HIDDEN ;) )

The Tall Hotties! Black and Red what a Classic!

My charming Denis!!!! From ECX dance crew perform OMG he is so hot!!! he is my boyfie jokes!!! XD

They got the moves like jaggers SOOO HOT!

Me and Ashley with the crew ECX AWESOMEEE <3

Danny and his group rapping out and singing their heart and souls out on that event! They are awesome =)

me , Danny and company =) so cute i like that guy i that i am standing next to i find him cute ;)

Pretty baby Jamie Liew =) and me Gosh i look like a ghost beside of her she is so pretty!!!! =( love her!!!!
for more information on the teams, pictures, results, vids, log on to!

Don't you love this background? ;) SHHHH this is a sneak preview of whats coming up next stay tuned ;) i got more of those Lights Camera Action stuff for you !

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