Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Speak The Truth and The Craps

Hey yall!!!! It's been a long time since i've last updated my blog well i wanna give you some of my thoughts about Songs Sang by Artist =)
1.First Stop lets stop by at the Young Hottie Willow Smith!
Girl i hate to admit it but when you sing I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH , it makes me get a headache and it makes my mind spin! But you gotta do it the GloZell Way! She sings I BRUSH MY TEETH UP AND DOWN , I BRUSH MY TEETH UP AND DOWN , I BRUSH MY TEETH UP AND DOWN now that is super hygienic!

2.Nicki Minaj
Gosh seriously i hate to break that Barbie Bubble of yours but i just think you got a very bad taste of fashion seriously whats with the GOOGOO Eyes and the lashes Jeeezzzz!!!!!take it off girl! But i got to admit that SHE IS ONE HECK OF A GREAT R-R-R-APERRR the way she rap , you can't hear her stop and she just keeps on going and going!
She raps with her own taste cause of her voice and for a chick she is a legend!
And if you notice the lyrics of her raps are damn weird! she even bring in animals when she rap man (in the song ft britney ft Ke$ha-til the world ends) ! Can you handle that?!

Proves Why i Say That Her Fashion sense is FAR BEYOND BAD!she is just trying to hard to be unique it turns out ERRR....see it for yourself

3.Lady Gaga
Gaga-licious everyone is Crazy about her! she can sing! she produce party songs , and Devil-licious songs A.K.A JUDAS!
Her first Single Just Dance back that debuted in 2009 was a big hit , huge success you can hear everyone singing it and dancing to it in clubs =)
Then There comes the POKER face ;) and Paparazzi! When did she become so extreme?! IN Which Video did you spot her being a little UNIQUE and when did the rumours come out that she is a satanist?!
Well its in the Video Paparazzi!

Videos about ppl saying she is a satanist.

Video's about GAGA

Lady Gaga's Weird Outfits and hair! But She Does It GREAT!

this is the latest one from 2011's VMA -she looks like a man!

-Straight into Hall Of FAME!

-No Penis Allert!
GaGa having a penis? and happens to be a guy?! True or Not True?!!!
well to me , i don't buy that story i dont't think its anywhere near it!if she has a penis , i mean you can't hide it unless you remove it rite =) If you learn Science, or Biology , Penis is hanging outside your body its not an internal organ! u can see it if she has one =)
and unfortunately i don't see any sign of her having a penis judge by the outfits she wear because its so tight and its like undergarments =) so its your choice to believe it or not!

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