Monday, August 22, 2011

Disney Channel My school Rock 2011

heyya fellow friends =)
i need a big help from you all!
my school SMK Cochrane send their best boy team PIRATES to join the competition i bet you guys heard of PIRATES rite ;)
in case you don't know about them, they are one of the best boys team! First year PIRATES won Best New Comers during 2008 Cheer Nationals , They won Best Showmenship 2009 Cheer National , They were the 1st runner up for SOX Dance and Drum 2010 , This year , they are Champion for SOX Dance and Drum 2011 and also the CHAMPION FOR DISNEY CHANNEL MY SCHOOL ROCK 2011!! They have indeed brought the school name up =) When you mention SMK Cochrane first thing that comes in mind is PIRATES ! When we say pirates you say ARRR Pirates ARR pirates ARRR!!!!
Please vote for my school team =)

1.go to this webside , see the VOTE NOW START BUTTON??!!! CLICK ON IT =)
2.Click Secondary school
3.Click Kuala Lumpur
4.You will see the boys pictures and their biodata =) do you see a VOTE NOW?Click on it!!!!
5.there will be a small window pop up just wait for it to load and type in your name and stuff
6.Wallaaaa its done!!! don't forget to type a Fan message =)
this is another faster link try it NOW =) just a few easy steps!
here is a video of the boys in ACTION!

Well sorry embed for the video is not available so i have to just give you the link!! =(
Why don't you click on the link and watch the video on YOUTUBE! you won't regret!its awesome

Cute song =) listen to it!!

Peace Ya'll i won't be updating my blog for some time cause i am having SPM and Trials will get back to you ASAP
Loves XoXoXO

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