Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bruno Mars

Well if you ask me how was it , i only have one word to describe it A-W-E-S-O-M-E
His voice can make girls heart melt and make guys wanna be him!
10 April , 2011 (Sunday) Wops & Hooligans World Tour was worth it!
His singing was better than his song on the radio!

-Credits to Ashley for teaching me how to put on make up thanks babe-

Maxis gave us this Free Bruno Mars Song Title Wrist bands! Cool aye i got 3 ;) Teeeheeeeee
And if you are wondering If Bruno Mars is as good looking as his pictures , Well You are RIGHT! He is Hotter and sexier than ever!

Meee again!
Sorry i didn't update my blog because i was really sick! ='(

you are so caring and when you care about me more ,
Tears roll down my face because i don't want to see you worry and the only thing i can do is to put a smile on my face and say everything is okay...
because i didn't want to distract you from your daily life ...but the first thing i think about when i felt like i am about to faint and fall dead , is you...
i don't know why but i feel like crying but stoping it from rolling out hurts me so much....

i really like the way you care about me thank you =)

And for those of you that i lied to i am sorry but it was just my choice to keep it to myself i wanted to ask questions and get advice but i couldn't tell you who is he... i just hope you understand me if you are my friend... and if you think that i am a big fat liar nvm i don't mind being that liar if it makes you feel better .

Hazel baby in a small bag ;)

-signing out-
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