Saturday, April 16, 2011

SBS IU Day 16/4/2011 and Surprise ♥

HELOOOOOOO Sorry i didn't update this yesterday but i am updating it today ! Teeheee
i went for SBS IU Day- Theme : Evolution of the STATES! i think they did a great job on the back drops its awesome ;)

I helped my friends put on make up =) Caught in ACT jokes!

A Picha with you!

Look their souvenirs so cute!They handmade it and i think its really nice because of the colours and that gorgeous STAR =)

This is Mua , Jon , WaiKei and Darvin's one!!!! Mine and Jon's is the purple one and Darvin and Waikei both got the same colour GREEN! XD

After the IU Day we went to pavi @ Wong Kok to celebrate Jon and Victor's Birthday! =) A Picture of the pretty girl PhooiSze♥

WOOO Meeeeeee♥ Crystal lols

Teeheeeeee Blub Blub♥

My Beloved Starbuck's Cafe Mocha Ice ♥

I look down and stare at the ground ,
As i watch the corner of my lips turning up and smiling ...
Because after waiting for so long ,
Always getting turned down and always getting silly feelings that made my day bad , it all turned out good and i am hoping for the best
yet to come ♥
I hope you really had the best Birthday Party ever ♥

-signing out-
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