Thursday, April 14, 2011


You got an issue with your parents?! Don't know who to talk to , never understand why they say things like that and you don't even dare to say it out?
WELL Join the Club!

"Teenagers think that they are invincible and that they can do anything they want! They do now know how much we go through to protect them.They seriously do now know how much we sacrifice for them and how dare they treat us like this!"
-quotes Crystal Wong -

Picture abstracted from Google-Look at how mad her face is looks familiar rite?!

Do you think the phrase up there sounds a little familiar? Getting kinda BORED of it! or should i put it this way SICK OF IT!
Obviously we know that we always hear the same story when something goes WRONG! Come on Everyone was a Teenager once and its just probably a part of it! Falling in love , Doing some Wrong stuffs , Getting into CAT FIGHTS , Walking round with a bottle of beer stuffed in your mouth and tears rolling down from your eyes...

It's just sometimes , you really get disappointed about what they say... They try to tell you that you shouldn't fall in love at this age , they give you a tons of reason to bring you down like EXAMPLES:
1. Don't try to make up stories he don't love you
2. Do you think he is even committed in the relationship don't say i don't warn you later if he leaves you don't go around crying.
3. It will affect your studies!
4. He is a bad guy look at him!

-feel heartbroken aye join me FYI This image is from google too-

And tons of other shit well i don't even wanna list it! I'm not trying to say that parents don't have a point but sometimes you just push US (TEENAGERS) until the extend that we can burst into air bubbles and float up into the air!

I am consider quite lucky because my parents allow me to go out once in a while but some of my friends don't even get to go out! I mean HELLOO ?! You can't control your kids like that if they want to go out why don't you just let them go out! once in a while won't hurt right!

Ever heard off "Flying Kites?!" Well We(Teenagers) are like KITES! and Parents are well the person flying it! If you pull us back too much the string will snap and we will go UP-UP-UP Ain't no way we are coming down! But if you know the techniques ,

-I am afraid to speak out!No Cause everything we say is consider wrong in our parents eyes-

-signing out-
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Hope you enjoy it ;)
FYI best way to avoid fights with parents TAKE A BREAK , TAKE A KIT KAT !
or listen to this
NEW SONG BY PANIC! AT THE DISCO-Mona Lisa its awesome

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