Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well in case you live under a stone or don't know much about what is happening around Pavillion and Farenheit and whats new i got the infos =)
At Pavillion , they are having a Fashion Show PitStop i think if i am not mistaken =)
they have really nice setups!

Gorgeous AYEEEE so BLING!

look!!! Security guard making sure no one goes into that area ;)

a Very interesting dress Probably made out of papers! not sure it looks as if its made out by magazine papers lar ;)

Next STOP!:
The Lotus Race Car super sexayyy they even got a booth at Farenheit88 ;)


Counter at Farenheit88 ;)

For those that loves to be Pretty , Cute and Hot! Drop by at this new shop at Farenheit 88 Stardust Studio! they sell from make up , to nail varnish , mask , losing weight stuff , day care and night care products, Accessories , Candies ;) , toys and cute stuff!!!

Mua will keep you updated on the Bruno Mars Concert tonight ;) because i am going nyhahahaahha!!!!!! Thanks to Nicholas my beloved sista!!!!

love me or hate me either way i don't mind ;)

-signing out-
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