Friday, April 8, 2011


Sorry i didn't update my blog due to some complications! Yesterday 8/4/2011 i went to school and Kasturi. =) i happen to have 1 class empty so i went to Central Market with my friends Saw this New Building! =) Near the Putra Station and opposite Kasturi KL1

went to eat Hot & Roll Crunchy Peanut (sweet paratha) Its really Nice =) Yummssss i really enjoyed it! it has been a long time since i ever go out with my friends to central market during tuition hours =) we used to do that almost every week during form4! but well form5 everyone is getting more and more serious about their studies =) Mua Babes And after that , at night we went to Steven's Corner for food yums! and we talked crap until 1130pm then we all went home!except for two guys well guys will still be guys their favourite phrase Boys:" The Night Is Still YOUNG" so they went out again! Boy oh boy!!!!! There is this nice song by KatDeLuna-Dancing Tonight ft Onasis here is the link go check it out =) And remember what you promise me mister!Don't ever break your promise or you won't ever see me smile =) this is for XXXXXXXX XXX

-Signing out-
Will update it tonight! going to Pavillion later ;)
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