Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Da Bomb

Today well it was a hectic day i went to Axis Atrium @ Pandan Indah just to get costumes for the girls at SSG for their performance on Friday. I spent 2 hours there trying to search for the pants but end up leaving the complex with nothing so disappointing and Frustrating!

To make things worst , its raining heavily! and i have to rush to SSG as usual i sneak into SSG like an ALIEN XD

but it was all worth it because their all so cute and fun to mix with!!!

here are some pictures of them =)

Umbrella Scene


Acting CUte!

Muaaaa and Melissa poon =)

Messy Mua ;)

Good luck girls! Hugs =) Do your best and enjoy it!!! you will always be my winners! Joie you too although you are a MALE jokes XD Love you darlinggssss

You make me feel like dancing dirty ;) Pussycat Dolls-Sway song makes you feel HOT!

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