Friday, April 22, 2011

S.O.X Drum & Dance

the timing board =)
I went for the SOX Camp Program - KL (2nd April 2011) and it was just a blast here are so pictures of the teams!

- only this particular picture is abstracted from google-

the teams are bigger and better than ever! i really saw some "Sneak Preview" of their cheer and dance and THEY GOT GAME

here we got the DRUMLINE

Pichas of me

Please do not miss the Finals for SOX cause the heat is heating up the competition!


  1. Isabelles here~
    So, you're in the finals? What are you taking part in? Cheer or Drums?

  2. i am not in the finals =) but i am blogging about this!!!!!!i will tell you when is the finals tomorrow =)

  3. Your a cheerleader then? Which team?