Sunday, April 3, 2011

Camera Hunting

I have always wanted to get a camera but i didn't know what to buy and i am always 50% 50% about it!
But today i finally told myself :" Crystal you know what!You need a camera! you can't depend on others to take a photo of you cause it isn't nice troubling others"
So yeahhhh i eventually got a few cameras in mind
Canon 600D

Ricoh GX200

Ricoh CX5

But well they don't sell Ricoh in most of the shops because its not really a top seller among people so they mostly focus on Canon and Nikon! =)
after surveying for god knows how long i finally choose this camera similar to a DSLR and its compact =) It's a new camera that has just been launched around March!

i love it!!!
They even gave me a free brush to clean the lens!

Then me , my mom and my bro went to ichiban ramen to eat =)

Yummyyy i am eating the Spicy Pork Ramen *Actually i don't know the name of it but its something like that XD *

Terriyaki Chicken rice yummmss

Me again at Ichiban Ramen =P
And i bought this super cute sticker from popular book shop! Fishyy =)
Didn't know why but this sticker caught my eyes and i quickly bought it without any second thoughts!

-Thats about it from me today!-
Will post most pictures tomorrow =)
-signing out-
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